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Deconstructed metalwork Collage, Carving & Décollage

One of our mentors, Adam Guzman Poole, once described the kind of jewellery that we make as Transformative Storytelling. This is what we aspire to with ELEVATE. Each piece in this collection begins as a collage, in wax, of a variety of details from antique metalwork. We use old jewellery for this, as well as silverware, sculptures, keys, pens, part of a pictureframe, the handle of an ancient Persian incense burner... anything that comes to us that feels right for the series.

One half of each piece is based on these waxes, which we then carve, sculpt, collage and décollage into new forms. The other side, whether that's the inside of a ring or the back of a pendant, is about the process and material. Here, you'll find tool marks, fingerprints, and the natural forms of molten metal. After casting each piece in silver or gold*, we finish them with engraving, hammered details, and a natural patination and polishing process.

Each piece is unique - we will never make the same piece from ELEVATE twice - by certain forms and motifs recur throughout the series, like a circle of rosettes from a cocktail fork and the pattern from the lid of our favourite teapot. Being part of many rings, they provide a chorus and refrain for the series.

They connect every piece of this series, and through that connection, everyone who wears them. Each piece is the meeting place for many, many stories.

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*We want to work more in gold, especially in an ancient Mesoamerican gold alloy called Tumbaga. Want to partner with us on a piece? Need a wedding ring? Contact us at connect.artefact@gmail.com, DM us on instagram @artefactjewellery, or call Leo at (+1) 647 575 5841 to discuss your commission.


Above photography by Jared Daugharty


Above photography & title photo by Keenan Orrange


Above photography by Jared Daugharty