For 1000 Years is an exclusive, unique collection of art jewellery inspired by ephemeral experiences near the sea & David Bowie.

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I walked West from Marbella towards the silhouette of Gibraltar.

I'd been traveling for a few months already, and had given up sleeping indoors. I was getting used to hearing the ocean, and sometimes the sounds of Morocco from across the sea. I'd been slapped awake by the high tide enough that I could pick out good places to sleep on the beaches of el Costa del Sol - the Coast of the Sun. Later, one morning near Tarifa, I would blend in so well with the pebbles and rippling black seastone mesas that a line of Spanish spear fishermen would drop their oyster buckets when I sat up.

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The waves crashed in, receded, crashed in again, as they do.

I saw these little birds that would chase the receding wavefront back out into the water. They were small, but they would follow the wave waaay out, running on wet sand, snapping up their dinner from what a second ago had been the sea, and what would be the sea again in a second. They were the size of little plums, but they sprinted out further than I could stretch my whole body. When the wave came back in, they ran to the beach, escaping it as it crashed behind them. Then they'd chase it back out.

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I ran in and out of the sea like the little birds, chasing the ocean, dancing, falling.

Proceeding West in this fashion for many hours, I hardly looked back. When I did, I saw that I had left a long, serrated path to the horizon. It would have been a zigzagging trail, but the water had wiped away my footsteps up to the tideline. What was left was a series of triangles, like sharp teeth or pictures of mountains, that lost their feet in the Mediterranean as it approached the Pacific. I'd never seen anything like it. It didn't look like one path, but many, walking out of and back into the tide.

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It was the first time in a long time that I thought: maybe it's time to go make something that lasts a while.

And all the while on this trip, hitchhiking around, sleeping on rooftops in Morocco and in lemon orchards in Liguria, I sang. On that long beach, all the way to Tarifa, my song was Golden Years by David Bowie. Now, I didn't remember it exactly, and I didn't do the whop whop whop part, and some lyrics had to change to suit my sensibilities ("In the front of a caravan, twenty streets long" instead of "In the back of a dream car, twenty feet long")... But, even with those hazy details...

I'd like to return to that moment, somewhere between Malaga and Cadiz on the Southern coast of Spain, where my footsteps below the tide were washed away while those above remained. I'd like to make something that washes away, but only after 1000 years: to keep one foot on either side of that line on its long circuit around the ocean.

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For 1000 years is about floating around the world, then returning home to make something of lasting value from your transitory experience.

We made a collection of sterling silver pendants that, when lined up, spell out the lyrics to David Bowie's Golden years - as performed for seabirds by a vagabond leo in 2016.

Do you have one of them?

For 1000 years is our first line of gold jewellery. It is extremely limited, and made only by commission. If you have one of those pendants, show it to leo krukowski Of Artefact Jewellery in his Kensington studio for an opportunity to commission a piece from this series.

Each piece will be documented and available for viewing here.


Our studio is at 156 Augusta Avenue in Toronto's Kensington Market.

Book an appointment to commission your piece - or just to learn more about us and our work. Call or text Leo at (+1) 647 575 5741, DM us @artefactjewellery on Instagram, or email to arrange a time.

Or, just call ahead to make sure we're in. Noon until 6pm is a good bet most days.

& make sure you bring your necklace.

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image of el Costa del Sol courtesy of our friend Alberto from Granada